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$1.50 per thousand records cleaned with a minimum purchase of $39.

Why update my list with NCOA?

The USPS requires you to update your list with NCOALink to qualify for presorted or bulk rate mailing discounts.

15% of Americans move every year!

This means you might be losing touch with 15% of your customers, clients or prospects every year.

The US Postal Service maintains a list of people who moved called the NCOA list. You can scrub your list by matching it to the Post Office's list of movers with the NCOAlink Service
There is a limited group of firms licensed to provide Move Update service. 3Gen/ is one of them
Beyond maintaining contact with your constituents, there are other benefits to keeping your list current, like access to Bulk Mail discounts.

Upload your list to now and let us NCOA your list of up to 12,000 records for only $39

Upload your list to now and let us NCOA your list of up to 12,000 records for only $39

Where does the NCOA (National Change of Address) move update database come from?

Most people who move want their mail to follow them. The USPS maintains a database of old and new addresses of people who fill out a Mail Forwarding form. This database is licensed to select NCOA processors who provide address update services to interested parties.

What's the process of getting my list updated?

Submit your list in the "Clean Your List Now" box on this page. The USPS requires us to get your name, address, company, phone number, email address and what your company does (not our idea). You can upload lists in various formats (.xls .xlsx .csv .dbf .mdb). You will see a page asking you to identify the columns in your file. You can skip this step if you wish and we will do this for you. Choose the service you need (we can do more than NCOA). Pay for the services you selected We process your list within hours and return it with a certificate stating that your list is up-to-date.

What other benefit is there to updating my list?

If you mail to your list in bulk, you will get the Bulk Mail discount only if you prove the accuracy of your list. The USPS is tired of returning undeliverable mail for free. Our certificate entitles you to the discount.

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